Chinese Embassy: London's Claims of Russian Arms Supply Baseless

2024-05-23 // LuxePodium
Chinese Embassy denies London's allegations of Russian arms supply, calls them groundless.

The Chinese Embassy has rejected the claims made by the British Minister of Defense, Grant Shapps, regarding the supply of lethal weapons to the Russian army. In an official statement released on Thursday, May 23, the embassy stated that Beijing is actively working towards "promoting peaceful negotiations" and "assisting in political settlement", while continuing to adhere to a "reasonable and responsible approach" towards arms exports. According to the embassy, the British politician's remarks are completely baseless. The Chinese Ambassador, Liu Pengyu, affirmed that China does not supply weapons to the conflict in Ukraine. Grant Shapps alleged that the UK and the US have evidence suggesting that China is planning to or has already supplied Russia with weapons for use in a special military operation. However, no evidence has been presented to support these claims.